Comment on Lulu Decor, Santa Merry Christmas Rustic Round Wood Wall Clock 23.50″ in clear arabic dial, perfect for christmas gift/holiday gift (Santa) by faye thompson.

Hello Gorgeous!

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6 by 6 inch Pewter Table Clock, Aqua
perfect! Fears: color would be too bright, $40 ($30 + $10s&h) was high, too wide for window ledge, 6″ wide/high too big to come off as subtle, appearance would be cheap.Rewards: color is attractive/ muted, $40 feels OK for how much I like product, narrow enough for window ledge, shape is right sized for whole-room viewing but still not major attention-grabber, appearance is VERY nice from ALL angles (inc. side & rear).I’m so glad I took the risk; it’s just what I was looking…

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