Shaba Designs Vintage Pocket Watch Style Table Clock – With Retro Distressed Iron and Artesian Pedestal with real Moving Gears (black)

Round out a rustic-inspired aesthetic with this desk pedestal clock. Featuring a round silhouette crafted from iron, this distressed timepiece is accented with a wonderful assortment of golden moving gears. The round dial is protected with glass and has bold roman numerals in black for contrast. Create a refined classic vintage aesthetic in the living room or office when you decorate using our table clock. Start by whitewashing the fireplace, so even the brick is an off white-hue for a monochromatic look. Place weathered gray vases inside of the fireplace, and fill the vases with floral arrangements for a pop of contrast and lush appeal alternative to a bundle of logs. Then, decorate with your beautiful pocket watch clock and a few flickering candles.

Product Features

  • ELEGANT STYLING: Retro Classical Designed European Style Clock, Vintage housing calls to mind 1940s-era designs. Create a high-end elegant atmosphere, enrich any room with its charming details
  • REAL MOVING GEAR: Adorned with Beautifully Displayed Moving Gears of Varying Size that Rotate Independently of the Clock. Gears are audible but be can be disabled for complete silence.
  • METAL CONSTRUCTION: Housing is made of iron and not cheap plastic. Expect a durable and long-lasting time piece that will bring charm to your spaces for years to come.
  • WIRELESS DESIGN: Cordless, needs 3 AA Batteries. 1 AA For The Clock And 2 AA For The Moving Gears. Clock Will Function Without The Gears Turning If You Only Want To Use The Clock And Not See The Gears Turn.