Seiko Light Oak Traditional Schoolhouse Wall Clock with Chime & Pendulum

This timeless oak schoolhouse wall clock is classically sophisticated. It has an octagon-shaped face with Roman numerals, curved crystal glass face, etched pendulum glass, and a shiny pendulum. It features a beautiful Westminster/Whittington quarter-hour and hourly chime strikes with volume control as well as a nighttime chime silencer.

Product Features

  • Traditional octangle cream clock face with Roman numerals
  • Dual chimes, quarter hour chime, hourly strikes follow the hourly chime, automatic chime silencer and volume control
  • Metal pendulum
  • Powered by 1 C battery (included)
  • Overall dimensions: 21.25 X 12.75 X 3.75

2 thoughts on “Seiko Light Oak Traditional Schoolhouse Wall Clock with Chime & Pendulum

  1. A Fine Timepiece Addition To Our Home As I write this our Seiko School clock is chiming the hour. Its been about five days since its arrival and we are enjoying our new clock. It replaced a 30-day wine-up clock of similar size and look, but after 30+ years and a costly repair that did not restore it to its former health, it was time to replace it. Our new Seiko hangs in my library and we getting accustomed to the new sound of quarter-hour and hourly chimes, our former clock chimed only on the hour and half-hour. Although the…

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  2. Excellent Clock and a Great Value The clock arrived last week and we are extremely pleased. Looks nice, built from solid wood, nothing “cheap” about it. No assembly required. Just take it out of the box, hook on the pendulum, and hang it up.BATTERY – One “C” battery drives everything — clock movement, chime, and pendulum. Supposed to last up to a year. April 2017 Update — The “C” Battery that came with the clock is STILL RUNNING after 15 months. The CHIME is the main battery drain,…

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