Things2Die4 Black Metal Vintage Farmhouse Weight Scale Table Clock

You may not actually need to weigh your produce at home, but you do need a clock in the kitchen, and this decorative clock brings a vintage farmhouse feel with its antique scale design. The classic black finish shows wearing on the edges, giving it an wonderfully weathered patina, and the 8.25 inch diameter clock face is easy to read in a black and white finish. Though it won’t actually weigh anything, you can display a variety of items for a fun touch or add a potted plant to bring a sense of nature to your living space. Requires just 1 AA battery, not included. This 13.25 inch tall, 10 inch long, 10 inch wide scale clock brings a rustic touch of vintage farmhouse flair to any home decor setting.

Product Features

  • 13.25 inch High, 10 inch Long, 10 inch Wide with a 8.25 inch Diameter Clock Face
  • Made of Metal in a Classic Black Finish with Distressed Edges That Give it a Vintage Look with a Wonderfully Weathered Appearance
  • Display a Small Potted Plant or Artificial Greenery On the Built-In Tray and Bring a Sense of Nature Into Your Living Space
  • The Quartz Movement Requires Just 1 AA Battery (not included)
  • Brings a Rustic Touch of Vintage Farmhouse Flair to Any Home Decor Setting