American Furniture Classics 100 The Gunfather, Brown Cherry

The Gunfather features concealment storage for 6 guns with a locking storage area behind the bottom door.

Product Features

  • Solid wood and wood veneers
  • Concealment storage for 6 guns
  • Factory assembled
  • Locking storage behind lower door

3 thoughts on “American Furniture Classics 100 The Gunfather, Brown Cherry

  1. don’t second guess the reviews Everything bad you read is true. When I received it the base was broken (more like shattered); the balsa wood back panel cracked and ripped; and the clock didn’t even work. But one thing is certain, it is a beautiful piece of furniture which had potential. So,I went to the hobby shop for a new clock piece, bought a piece of sheet metal for a back panel, rebuilt the base with Gorilla Glue and brackets. I also put a shelf in behind the clock face since it was wasted space and refinished the…

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  2. Clock Arrived Safe! It is Beautiful! No Damage! The box it was packed in looked like it had been used as a trampoline – I opened it in the foyer – as I was fearful it was damaged. The clock was in pristine condition – perfect – with not a scratch, dent, or even a smudge. I examined every piece carefully. The packing they used was huge chunks of solid Styrofoam. In addition each piece was wrapped in a separate sheet of foamy fabric. I was so relieved. This is a gift for my husband and I really worried because of the reviews about shipping…

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  3. Will only hold 3, maybe 4 guns. When I received and took out of box, the panel on the bottom locking door fell off. I had to tape and glue it back in. The whole thing was kinda funky looking, but after a good coat of furniture polish, it looked really good. Other reviews mention the shiny locks which are a dead giveaway something of value is in there. Well, I got out my furniture scratch cover markers and put several coats on both locks and they are barely noticeable now. Should have been brown or bronze colored from the get…

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