Our studio established by the college of art students. We have our own designers and production process. We devote ourselves to designing creative products by using original material. We promise everything is made by hand. Please follow us! The wooden wall clock is 100% handmade and made of beech wood. We use the environmental resin to made the clock’s pointer. Customer needs careful to combine the wall clock. The size of it is 40 cm * 8 cm * 3 cm.Warm warning: * You will see natural texture of the tree in the body because all our items are made by natural wood.* The final item you received may not 100% same as the display pictures, because every item is made by hand and unique. Please understand!* Small orders can be delivery immediately; larger orders need time of handmade. Please understanding!Please contact us!zhouhan@gemuzhishang.com fangpeng@gemuzhishang.comWe are lovely to answer all your questions. Thanks!

Product Features

  • Pure manual
  • Solid wood original
  • Looking at so concise and natural clock, also will slowly quiet state of mind
  • This wall clock is to tell modern people, slow down the script Cherish every second, this is the life
  • fine