The Foxtop Polyresin pendulum wall clock with an vintage classic design,is Exquisite and durable.

The clock’s movement is driven by a precise quartz, “Non-Ticking”, so you do not need to worry about the constant ticking of regular clocks when you need some peace and quiet to concentrate on your work or enjoy a full night of undisturbed sleep. It is the first choice for housewarming.

Glass front covers clock face to protect from dust and debris .

Design appointments include hand detailing, rhinestone inlays, European style hollow hour and minute hands, metal seconds hand, and a print flower faceplate. While these are all skillfully aged pieces to achieve a beautiful time-honored look.

The pendulum has its own carved look, complete with an inset rhinestone. The clock’s normal timekeeping motions gently propel the pendulum back and forth without depleting the battery faster than necessary.

This Clock dial diameter is 10 inches,mirror diameter is 8 inches.Overall length:17 inches(including the pendulum).

The dial is easy to read and features large bold black Arabic numbers. Requires 1 AA carbon battery(not included).

Product Features

  • Large bold Arabic numerals digital clock dial With Glass Front Cover, easy clear reading of time
  • Non-ticking,Quartz silent motion design, so you can have a quiet silent environment
  • Elegant retro style,bring home the antique classical European style atmosphere
  • Retro looking resin wall clock in antique Brown & Bronze colors
  • Powered by one AA battery(not included);Product dimensions :43 * 25 * 6 cm

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