Westzytturm Wood Clock 18 inches Large Farmhouse Wooden Wall Clock Rustic Decorative Antique Battery Operated Non Ticking Quartz Round Big Clocks for Living Room Bedrooms Home Kitchen Office(Black)

Westzytturm clock introduction:
The westzytturm wooden clock is a 100% handmade clock.
You may find the knot hole on the clock face, it comes from nature,
Because we are 100% handmade, the antique effect of each clock face is different.
This is the charm of handmade products, which is very different from mechanical products!
A large rustic wooden wall clock can also be used as a party outdoor decoration.
This is a clock without a glass cover, the view is clearer and easier to read.
Easy to install without assembly.

Since this clock has no glass cover, You must set the clock movement time behind the movement.
Touching the clock hands with your hand may damage the clock movement and prevent the clock
from working on time or not working properly

product description
1. inch size: 18 inches
2. Cm size: 47.5 * 47.5 * 4.5 cm
3. Color: Black
4. Material: solid wood
5. Style name: Antique
6. Movement type: quartz
7. Suitable location: living room Kitchen indoor Mantel
8. Clock type: wall clocks
9. Display mode: Roman numerals
10. Battery type: 1 AA carbon zinc battery (not included in the scope of supply)

Note:Must setup time on clock movement at back, touch clock hands may break clock movement

Manufacturer Warranty Description:
Choosing to order the Westzytturm brand of wooden clock products will enjoy the lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer.
If there is a problem with your clock, we will replace your clock mechanism (instead of the entire clock) and test the mechanism before mailing.
(The warranty is through us instead of Amazon)

Packing list
Wall clock* 1
Hook* 1
User Manual* 1

Product Features

  • WOODEN CLOCK:Round wooden panel, the color is printed directly on the wood by hand. So every clock won’t be exactly the same. They are all unique. Our wood is thicker, so the clock feels solid.
  • SILENT QUARTZ MECHANISMS:Our clock hands are made of metal, very thin and light, and the movement of the quartz movement is very quiet and silent. No annoying ticking!
  • OPEN FACED:No glass ! No glare ! Easy to read from all angles ! The clock needs one AA zinc carbon battery operated (not included)
  • ANTIQUE STYLE : This is a rustic old-fashioned clock (suitable for living room, office, beach, fireplace or restaurant decoration) or a gift for friends or family.
  • Attentive service: We replaced the sturdy carton packaging clock to ensure safe transportation, no damage to the delivery, and placed the hook inside the box for easy installation.

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3 thoughts on “Westzytturm Wood Clock 18 inches Large Farmhouse Wooden Wall Clock Rustic Decorative Antique Battery Operated Non Ticking Quartz Round Big Clocks for Living Room Bedrooms Home Kitchen Office(Black)

  1. Perfect Find…Almost! After a very long & extensive search for a large size wall clock, I finally found the Perfect Find…almost! It has the size, distressed look, unique antique feel, & exact color options that I was looking for. Happy Birthday to me!When it arrived, it was carefully packaged, with clear instructions for mounting & use. Even came with its own easy to install wall mount. Surprisingly light weight.Only negative was spotted by my very observant (& obnoxious) son, who…

  2. At Least It’ll Be Correct Twice A Day, Right? This is really a beautiful looking clock. We really wanted a large one like this (2′) with that rustic style that just looks nice.However, it just doesn’t work. Probably a defective one, which we’ll be returning for replacement to give a different one a shot, because we really do like how it looks. With very much a fresh battery (measured at 1.59V, to be exact), the minute hand will simply stop at random spots. We can tap hard on the front of the clock to get it going again, but…

  3. Arrived with hands detached and in need of repair. Really like the clock once I was able to ASSEMBLE IT!!!!!! When it arrived, both hands were detached from the spindle and swinging/flopping around loosely. I had to carefully remove the very tiny screw that was supposed to be holding them in place (not easy for my 68 year old eyes and arthritic fingers!) and figure out how to maneuver the hands back into their proper place on the spindle of the clock before replacing the tiny screw back on top to secure them. Very frustrating indeed. That…

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