IMAX Black Mantel Clock

This charming black mantle clock will become a keepsake as it keeps time. Add a touch of style to your home and keep track of the time. Create an eye-catching focal point in the living room or kitchen. This product is made in China.

Product Features

  • Add a touch of Style to your home and keep track of the time
  • Create an eye-catching focal point in the living room or kitchen
  • This product is Made in China

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3 thoughts on “IMAX Black Mantel Clock

  1. Great looking clock for the price I bought this clock for our den. I wanted a clock with a large enough face to read it easily from a short distance (my eyes aren’t great) and this definitely fits the bill. I was very happy to be able to find a clock without roman numerals – hard for me to see at a distance – and a chime, since we already have a chiming clock in another room. This clock’s color – mostly black with a hint of brown/bronze) is also perfect for the room’s decor. The ticking is slightly noticeable if the TV is…

  2. Pretty and sturdy — but not all black Pretty clock — have had it nearly a year and it keeps perfect time (of course it’s battery operated). The one caveat I have is that it appears to be an entirely black clock in the picture. It is black, but all the edges are a light reddish-brown color. In fact it looks like that is the color of the entire thing, but it was hand-painted black, leaving all the edges and detail edges unpainted. I like it – gives it an old world or antique-ish look. It is quite sturdy and heavy — and very…

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