Geneva 14-Inch Plastic Decorative Wall Clock, Brown

This traditional 14″ decorative wall clock looks like metal, but is actually plastic. It also has a glass lens and metal hands.

Product Features

  • 14″ Plastic case
  • Metallic finish
  • Glass lens
  • Metal hands

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3 thoughts on “Geneva 14-Inch Plastic Decorative Wall Clock, Brown

  1. Very nice inexpensive clock! After trying 2 other clocks, one broken and one the wrong size for the room, I finally settled on this 14″ wall clock by Geneva. I wanted something that would be big enough to fit the space on an otherwise blank wall but not so big as to be overwhelming. The clock with frame is 14″ but the clock face itself is about 12″ so it really is perfect for my 12ft long wall. The backround face is very attractive giving it an early American feel but not overdone. The hands are just right for this…

  2. Great inexpensive clock We had a decorative wall clock up on the top of our door, and it was a nice looking clock. There was just one problem: while the face and style were attractive, it was impossible for me to read even if I was right in front of it. The hands were too narrow and blended in with the face.This is a problem with a lot of decorative clocks, and I picked this one out because it was (1) cheap, (2) large, and (3) looked quite easy to read. It is all plastic but has a faux-wood/antique look…

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