Led Clip Book Light, Firstbuy Reading Lamp, USB Rechargeable Touch Switch Bedside Desk Light with Eye Protection Brightness,3 Dimmable Level, Gooseneck Tube Table Lamp with Frosted Lampshade (Black)

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Touch Sensor Switch with Adjustable Light: You can keep it glowing with a single touch and adjust it to meet your needs.
Streamlined design: The led reading lamp has 3 levels of Brightness (Dim, Bright and Strong light). The smart touch sensor helps you get the right flow that protect your eyes. The light looks like Natural.
Long Battery Life: Built in high capacity 1000mAh lithium battery. The lamp can work for 10 hours in dim brightness mode, 8 hours in medium light and 4 hours in the brightest light. Good for Home, Office, Camping and other unique lighting needs!
Safety Charging Indicator: The Indicator is red when it is charging and automatically goes off when the Battery is fully charged.

Battery capacity:1000mah
Input Voltage:DC 5V/1A
Material:ABS & Silicone
LED quantity:12pcs
Light intensity:3Levels
Switch:touch sensor
Charging time:3hours
Discharging time:4-10hours

1 X Firstbuy LED Clamp Reading Lamp
1 X USB Cord
1 X Instructions

1.Charge the lamp immediately when the light dimmed.
2.Charge the lamp for at least 8 hours before first use.
3.Fully charge the lamp at least once every two months.

The product brought from LENPOW can enjoy 12-MONTH warranty & 30-DAY money back guarantee. Any problem please feel free to contact us, we’ll try our best to earn your 100% satisfaction!

Product Features

  • Our Reading Light Comes From the same munufacturer with Raniaco’s, but our price is more favorable. 3 levels of adjustable brightness with 12 LED bulbs- Low bright is ideal as your night light; High brightness is suitable for reading and studying; The Soft light is ideal for your eyes as it does not flicker or produce negative radiation
  • Long battery life- Built in 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB interface. Firstbuy BOOK LAMP can be powered by USB charger, plug and play, Notebook PC USB, Mobile phone adapter, Car USB and etc.
  • Easy to use with clip base or Stand- The reading light comes with a Clamp holder. It can be placed on your Desk or fixed at the edge when you want to read. It saves you space, protects your eyes and makes you create the feeling of trendiness
  • Elegance design -The Frosted lampshade design is unique, 360 degrees rotating flexible design with adjustable free twisted tube: The Super anti slip silicone pad coupled with its light body makes it sturdy when placed in a standing position. Ultra portable and lightweight
  • What You Get- Firstbuy LED Clamp Reading Lamp, a USB Cord, Instructions, 12-MONTH Firstbuy warranty & 30-DAY money back guarantee

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2 thoughts on “Led Clip Book Light, Firstbuy Reading Lamp, USB Rechargeable Touch Switch Bedside Desk Light with Eye Protection Brightness,3 Dimmable Level, Gooseneck Tube Table Lamp with Frosted Lampshade (Black)

  1. Light up your book! If you are someone who reads in the dark for whatever reason, this is the perfect book light for you!I’ve tried few and was never satisfied and eventually ditched them.THIS one is just the right one.It arrived in a small box, with instructions and a cable to recharge it and I couldn’t wait to try it..The Firstbuy book lamp is well made, esthetic, good quality material, lamp weight so you can easily hold both the book and the lamp without any issue. It is very flexible…

  2. optimal and right lighting So pleased with this LED clip book light. I am using this as a regular lamp in my room. You can literally clip it anywhere since it has a clamp holder. It can clip the head of my bed, the table, book, and many more. The LED light is incredibly bright so you don’t ruin your eyesight and you can also see clearly. The light is rechargeable and comes with a USB to recharge it. It has a touch switch with three dimmable modes of light, from weak,…

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