Large Wall Clock with Cuckoo Clock Art on Solid Wood Tall 24″ x 11″

If you love cuckoo clocks (coo coo clocks) this is one to have a look at. It measures 24″ x 11″ overall. This modern take on the traditional Bavarian cuckoo clock is a wall clock with original art made of distressed solid wood. It has an asymmetrical design really that sets it apart. This beautiful clock will stand out in your home decor. If you love unique home decor, then this clock is just what you’re after! This Cuckoo Clock wall clock is designed and handmade by me. It is super cool and truly unique. It makes a great conversation piece and is sure to get a “WOW!” This is a unique handmade wall clock is made of lightly distressed stained solid pine wood. Uses quartz movement. AA battery not included. These pieces are made to order. Due to the varying nature of real wood and the process used to create the artwork each clock will vary somewhat. The above pictures only represent the general look. Complete with installed hanging hardware. Specs – Artwork is created by hand using artistic techniques on 1×8 pine wood boards. This piece has been lightly distressed and has small handmade irregularities making it unique and truly one of a kind. Clock will come ready to hang. Made without the use of any petroleum based products. 1 1/2″ thick. NO Plywood. NO Screen Printing, NO Vinyl.

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