Chronomaton 1856 unique vintage wooden wall clock, personalized, housewarming, One-of-a-kind, victorian, gift

The term chronometer (From Greek: ΧÏ�ονόμετÏ�ο) is a specific type of timepiece tested and certified to meet certain precision standards. In our clock it is represented by 2 clock faces – one for minutes and hours and the second is for seconds. The term chronometer was coined by Jeremy Thacker of Beverley, England in 1714, referring to his invention of a clock ensconced in a vacuum chamber. The term chronometer is also used to describe a marine chronometer used for celestial navigation and determination of longitude. The marine chronometer was invented by John Harrison in 1730. This was the first of a series of chronometers that enabled accurate marine navigation. From then on, an accurate chronometer was essential to deep sea marine or air navigation out of sight of land. wiki

Our wooden clock is made of many layers of Baltic birch, painted wood stain and covered with protective acrylic glass. Handcrafted galvanized brass screws are used in the clock.

*the clock can be personalized (any name on clock face instead `Automaton` +10USD).

**the gears are decorative and they dont move together with the quartz clock mechanism.

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