Hippih 10″ Silent Quartz Decorative Wall Clock Non-ticking Black 249-A

Product Size:10″Dia x 1.5″Deep
Net Weight:1.5lbs
Material:plastic frame, plastic mechanism housing, Aluminum clock hands.
Power Source:1 x AA battery
Movement:Silent Quartz Movement
Package Included:
1 Piece of Wall Clock
1 Hook
why to Buy?
Hippih 10-inch wall clock is a simple design clock suitable for any room decoration. Perfect size which is only 10 inches. High-quality Quartz Sweep Movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment. Hippih is you best choice.
1. Large points and clear glass lens guarantee good view, even from side.
2. Strict production process control and quality materials make our clock tough enough for indoor use.

Product Features

  • Measures:10″ X 10″.
  • Non ticking. Quiet sweep second hand, no ticking to ensure a good sleeping or working environment.
  • Concise style. Special and elegant design meet all your decoration need.
  • Powered by 1 AA battery, ordinary Carbon Zinc battery, not Alkaline battery
  • Hooks included with the clock which ensures easy installation.

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2 thoughts on “Hippih 10″ Silent Quartz Decorative Wall Clock Non-ticking Black 249-A

  1. No more ticking! The second hand on a clock with that relentless ticking sound gets quite annoying, especially in the middle of the night on a bathroom run. But this clock works beautifully and best of all…NO ticking sound. The clock has a second hand but it just glides smoothly and quietly around the face like an ice skater glides on ice. You can choose what type of face you want on your clock at time of purchase. This was a great buy and I couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommend this product and…

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