MASTER Key for all SHIP CLOCK – BRASS – Total 10 prong in Two piece Even / Odd from Brass Blessing

These keys come with total 10 prongs (Each Key with 5 prong), so this is best item as master key for all your clock. If you owe many winding clock in your stock but always problem for the key. These two keys are solution for you. Most of all winding clock keys available in these 10 prongs. The numbers of key are starting from 2 to 11.  Some extra larges key holes are not available in these keys. ODD Sizes: 3mm 1/8 in (3), 3.5mm 9/64 in (5), 4mm 5/32 in (7), 4.5mm (9), and 5mm 13/64 in (11) – EVEN Sizes: 2.75mm 7/64 in (2), 3.25mm 1/8 in (4),3.75mm 5/16 in (6), 4.25mm 11/64 in (8), 4.75mm 3/16 in (10). Both of these keys are Made of BRASS

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