Netmetoo Diy Mirror Living Room Home Interior Deco Wall Clock Gold

Product description

This 3D Luxury DIY Wall Clock will let your room more modern and classy. It is also a perfect gift for your families, friends and colleagues!

Warm Tips:
1. Please use AA carbon battery.
2.If you find there are scratches on clock numbers,pls don’t worry!It’s on the protective film but not on number itself.
3.Please install the hour pointer and minute pointer parallel,otherwise the clock may does not work; Do not use your hands to spin pointers but the gear button of clock movement.

Sticker material: EVA Foam (Ethylene vinyl acetate)
Clock material: Metal ,Acrylic
Hour hand: 31cm /12″
Minute hand: 39cm / 15.3″
Clock machine: 12cm/ 4.7″
Time accuracy: -0.8~+1.2second/day
battery :1.5V AA battery 1 piece(without included)
Number Size:3.23″
the minimum achieving is: 63cm x 63cm / 24.8″ x 24.8″.
The clock final decoration size is decided by how you want to decorate you walls.

Package included:
1x Clock stickers
1x Clock mechanism
Without battery

How to Install?
You can install the clock with the picture steps.
STEP1:Fasten the clock movement on the wall
STEP2:peel off protection film from mirror,stick it on the EVA number.Cover the clock movement with the auxiliary scale,stick the numbers at the right site according to the scale.
STEP3:Take down the clock movement,fixing the hour hand ,then minute hand.Tips:press the clock hands into the clock axle and point at 12 o’clock.
STEP4:Adjust the time by button on the clock movement and install the battery.
STEP5:Hanging the clock movement on the wall.
STEP6:Well done!You can enjoy your art-work now

Product Features

  • Brand-Netmetoo is a production of DIY watches and clocks factory, all products after SGS testing and certification to ensure product safety and environmental protection
  • Applications-It can be fit for shop decoration(coffee club,bar…etc),school decoration(classroom,dormroom),home decoration(living Room, bedroom, dining room…etc), office decoration,it’s really a very perfect gift
  • Modern design- large size for wall decoration, acrylic mirror surface let your room get a stylish and modern atmosphere
  • Enjoy the fun of DIY- DIY with your family and friends You can design the position and size of the clock as you like,DIY distance from digits,DIY shape of the digits
  • Easy to Install – Package includes self-adhesive stickers and auxiliary scale ruler for easier installation.Each mirrors have a protective film, please tear off after installation

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