Made in Korea_ROIRETNI_White Modern LED Wall Clock PLUS+

ROIRETNI White led wall clock

L 386 X H 128 X W 23 (mm)
5V DC Voltage (Use 220V adapter)
Made in Korea
Product Weight : Approximately 330g
Material : ABS Plastic
Semitransparent Wire, Length approximately 3.3m

– High Performing CPU
With precise CPU differentiated from cheap clocks,
offer accurate time and various functions.

– High Resolution LED Made in Korea
LED made in Korea with superior visibility and reliability.

– Smart Automatic brightness control function (Sleep Mode)
improves visibility automatically by adapting to ambient brightness.
it doesn’t bother you while sleeping
when you turn off the room light for sleeping, LED light is then off
LED will be turn on automatically in the morning or when you turn on the room light again

– Developed and produced from Korea technology
consistently upgrading based on endless research and development in Korea.
We have used LED Made in Korea for the High quality and reliability of Korean technology.

– Flicker free!Stripes of LED lights
safely designed to eliminate flicking phenomenon.

– Perfect Bilateral Symmetry Design

– Non-vibration & Anti-Noise

– You can also save on the electricity bill Additional function

1. Connect the power cable to terminal at the back of main body.
2. Connect the USB terminal to power adapter.
3. Attach the included installation guide on the wall.
(CAUTION! Install at least 30 cm from the ceiling.)
4. Install the screws to the correct location by referring to the installation guide.
5. Engage the back of screw fixing hole at the back of the clock onto the screws installed on the wall

Product Features

  • High Performing CPU / Remote Controller
  • High Resolution LED Made in Korea
  • Smart Automatic brightness function (Sleep Mode)
  • Developed and produced from Korea technology
  • Flicker free / 12/24H, Temperature, Week & Date (Solar, Lunar), Alarm, Timer, Counter

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