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Engine order telegraph

An engine order telegraph or E.O.T., often also chadburn, is a communications device used on a ship (or submarine) for the pilot on the bridge to order engineers in the engine room to power the vessel at a certain desired speed.

In early vessels, from the 19th century until about 1950, the device usually consisted of a round dial about nine inches (~20 centimetres) in diameter with a knob at the center attached to one or more handles, and an indicator pointer on the face of the dial. There would also be a revolutions per minute indicator, worked by a hand crank. Modern E.O.T.s on vessels which still use them use electronic light and sound signals.

From Wikipedia

Our handcrafted wooden wall clock is made of many layers of Baltic birch, painted wood stain, acrylic and covered with protective acrylic glass.

Handcrafted galvanized brass screws are used in the clock.

The clock can be personalized (any text on clock face under “Anchor” sign +10USD).

  • Size : 28 x 35 cm

*AA battery is not included

**the clock hands can slightly differ from those on the pics

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