CGGGHY Stylish Living Room Wall Clock Creative Modern Clocks Wall Chart Bedroom Mute Personality Wall Clock Quartz Clock 20 Inch 60Cm (Yuk-Sanding Disc) To Wallpaper

Power type: battery size: 20-inch ,
shape: Circular ,
engine type: skip seconds engine ,
sanborn material: Tempered Glass ,
mirror material: Glass ,
whether two-sided: Single-sided ,
Material: Metal ,
style: simple and modern ,
How to Install?,
STEP1:Fasten the clock on the wall,
STEP2:Cover the clock with the auxiliary scale,as to the scale,stick the figure at the right site,
STEP3:Take down the clock,fixing the hour hand and minute hand one bye one ,
Tips:press the hands into the clock axes in order aim at 12 o’clock,
STEP4:Adjust the time with the buttom and install the battery,
STEP5:Hanging the clock return to the nail,
STEP6:Well done!You can enjoy your art-work now,
Note: ,
1.The Real Item’s Color which you receive may varies from the listing picture because of different Camera lens, and different light environment.,
2.Due to the batteries is limited by international transport, the battery is not contained in the package,
3. Do not use high quality output current batteries or rechargeable batteries ,
because such high quality batteries affecting the life of the movement and sometimes even affect the accuracy of travel time.,
High-temperature paint, refined and elegant, bring you endless source of fascination. This is not just a wall clock, it is more like a high-end art. Not only use the timer function, but also a decorative artists, people indulge in the romantic melody. Will love to see a wall clock, retro body that is the mark of time, recorded numerous happy moments, both elegant European-style model also has a rustic rural feel. rich complex,home decoration. High-quality Quartz Sweep Movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment,
Package Included:,
1 Hook + 523 wall clock (NO battery)

Product Features

  • Baking process combined with the movement, travel time accurate, durable. No sound, will not affect sleep, especially for the use of the room
  • Fresh color, simple design, vibrant color, decoration belongs to your home, not just time, it is a decoration
  • Wall hanging in the designer carefully designed under the more practical, the clock with environmentally friendly Movement dedicated pointer, thickening and hardening materials.
  • No batteries included
  • Perfect clock for dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, study room, kitchen, office, or conference room

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