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This smaller version of the farmhouse clock is rustic in appearance and especially designed as a kitchen clock. It is a totally handmade 12″ wooden clock. Looking for a unique, yet popular rustic wooden clock to add some farmhouse magic to your wall decor, or a wall decoration for an extremely unique house warming gift? This hand made wall clock is a 12″ Rustic Wood Wall Clock. It is created from plywood lumber that is cut into strips, stained, then painted with a dry-brush old white finish. It is then sanded to allow some of the background stain to show through, giving it that farmhouse look that everyone is so crazy about. * Round 12″ diameter * Approximately 1″ thick * Stenciled Roman numeral numbers * Quartz clock movement * Black Spade hands. Does the name Joanna Gains ring a bell with you? She and her husband Chip are the inspiration for many of the clocks we are featuring in our shop. Google “Fixer Upper” to find out more about her style and the great clocks she has used in her design projects. The clock you purchase has special uniqueness because every bit is hand crafted and hand painted. There are no “machine-made” parts with the exception of the clock works, which is a high torque unit to handle the 12″ hands. Each clock is made upon order, taking about 5-10 business days, depending upon demand. *Please note: due to the randomness of the lumber and human-ness of the craftsman, no two clocks are the same. There will be imperfections and differences, and this is by design.

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