36 inch “Papa Bear” Reclaimed Wood Large Rustic Wall Clock

Warning! Pictures don’t do this clock justice. This clock is extremely large… so whether you are looking for large wall clocks, oversized wall clocks, a large rustic wall clock, or just something big, giant, extra large or huge to be a rustic focal point to your home, your search is over. This 36 inch wall clock is made with 5″ wide slats of reclaimed barnwood, glued and nailed onto to structural osb (for strength), cut into a perfect 35 1/2 inch diameter circle and then edged with untreated 1/8″ steel around the outside. The letters are burned into the wood with a huge laser, the surface is sealed with a coat of matte polyurethane and the “C” battery (included) american-made Quartz movement and 12″ black metal hands. Finally, we attach a cleat hanger on the clock and include everything you need to hang the clock quickly and easily on the wall. Sure, you could buy something cheap, light weight and assembled by workers in a factory overseas…Or you could buy the “Papa Bear” Rustic Wall Clock. It’s real, it’s american, and it’s well made; this clock is guaranteed to garner praise & affection! Face it, its time to buy a new clock! (puns intended)

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