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Decor – is the soul of every house! Without small pleasant things that please the eye, the room seems uncomfortable and faceless.

How to decorate the walls?

Today wall clocks are not only a means of time tracking, but also a good way to decorate the interior. Moreover, all vinyl wall clocks, as a rule, makes an indelible impression.

Vinyl records have such a beautiful design that they can not go to oblivion, as did the tape, audio and video cassettes.

Performing in the technique of artistic carving, this art vinyl wall clock will become an unusual and fun element in the travel lover`s room, and it is especially interesting element for those people who are real amateurs of the city of contrasts! Besides, it will take a minimum of time to hang on the wall such accessory that can quickly attract attention with its originality and simplicity.

Looking for a spectacular gift?

Original clock made of vinyl record can become a wonderful and unusual handmade gift for any occasion and perfect decoration of any interior. Thus, if you are looking for an exciting and remarkable gift for your friend, colleague, boss, relative, musician or just a music lover, pay attention to this wall clock with vinyl, and believe, this gift will be appreciated.

Vinyl record wall clock features:

✔ made of real vinyl records;

✔ non-standard and exclusive handmade design;

✔ ergonomics and functionality;

✔ mechanism of shifting arrows;

✔ noiseless work;

✔ great gift for any occasion

Wall clocks vinyl made by LikeMark are an excellent reference point and beautiful interior accessory!

Product Features

  • VINYL WALL CLOCK – UNUSUAL INTERIOR ELEMENT: Wall vinyl clock will undoubtedly attract the sight and rejoice the eye with its unique appearance, and apart from its main functional duties to show a time, the clock will be both a beautiful decor and a fashionable accent of any interior design. Such accessory will make your home cozy and comfortable, fill the house with warmth and harmony, emphasize the chosen design of the room, highlight a good taste and interests of the owner.
  • OLD VINYL IN MODERN PROCESSING: Vinyl wall clocks are made of old vinyl records. They do not contain toxic substances and are completely safe for you, your children and pets. These clocks differ by its high detailing and aesthetic value, there is a combination of modern mechanism and retro design, which makes them a unique and beautiful attribute of any room.
  • MOOD – THE REAL ZEST OF YOUR INTERIOR: Music vinyl wall clock is a great idea to make the interior decoration of your house more original and interesting. And such a seemingly ordinary object, like a wall clock vinyl record, can radically transform a room, give it a special chic and uniqueness. Moreover, three formats of colors in white, silver and gold style will suit for any taste and for various interiors.
  • ART VYNIL WALL CLOCK – UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Buying a wall vinyl clock, you make unforgettable gift that can be presented to a young couple or friends for a housewarming party, to a child who enjoys music, to a creative personality, to a musician or to your colleague. It is also a brilliant idea to buy a vinyl clock if you want to make a gift not only to the music lover, but also to the connoisseur of handmade things, to the fan of modern pop culture and, of course, to the lover!
  • ERGONOMIC PROPERTIES OF VINYL RECORDS WALL CLOCK: Convenience of reading the testimony is manifested by a good digitization, impeccable shape, suitable size and color of the arrows. The integrity of the composition characterizes by its harmonious unity of shape, size, colors of all elements of the clock wall vinyl. By its design clocks are mechanical and are characterized by failure-free operation, durability, and serviceability.

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