Intelli-Time Alarm Clock with USB Charger, Indoor Temperature and Humidity

USB Charging Start your day with a fully-charged phone. This bedside alarm clock offers an integrated USB port that charges compatible smartphones with 1.5 amps of power. It’s the best alarm clock for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Home Comfort Icon Temperature and humidity can greatly affect quality of sleep. The clock displays the indoor temperature with a home comfort icon that easily indicates high, low or ideal humidity level conditions for your bedroom.

Illuminated Color Display This AcuRite LCD digital alarm clocks features an illuminated display with auto-dimming brightness. These are lighting settings that ensure you can easily read the information you want at a glance. The display automatically adjusts its brightness based on the time of day and year, accounting for seasonal changes in sunlight.

Moon Phase Knowing the moon phase can increase your chances of success across a broad range of everyday activities. These include, fishing, gardening and hunting. Some have suggested moon phase even affects weight loss and the financial markets.

Product Features

  • Alarm gradually increases in volume over a two-minute timespan to WAKE you peacefully and on-time
  • Integrated USB port (1.5a) charges your compatible smartphone while you sleep
  • Illuminated color display with auto-dimming brightness; electric-powered with optional battery backup in event of power outages
  • Monitor indoor temperature and humidity right from your Nightstand
  • Intelli-Time clock automatically adjusts for daylight saving time and remembers time settings after power outages or unplugging

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3 thoughts on “Intelli-Time Alarm Clock with USB Charger, Indoor Temperature and Humidity

  1. There are a lot of reasons to like this AcuRite 13040 Clock, and I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s almost, but not quite, perfect. And it’s a lot better than the dozens of clocks I looked at before I found this one.LIMITED VIEWING ANGLE: The clock does have one significant issue: the viewing angle is very limited if you’re not looking down at the clock. (This is due to it using LCD rather than LED technology.) So if you want to place the clock on a shelf rather than a bedside table,…

  2. A good clock for the price. I have mine mounted with 3M tape to the bottom of my wall-mounted bedroom TV. This puts it at the perfect distance and angle to be viewable from bed — far more convenient than a traditional nightstand alarm clock in this regard. I utilize my cell phone as an alarm clock, so this one is exclusively for actually viewing the time; with indoor temperature and humidity as a bonus.Note that the back of this unit is not flat, as the battery compartment/stand…

  3. I initially refused to review this clock because I was really disappointed with it’s performance. The time was running 5-7 minutes fast. I got tired of it and put it back in the box and stored it away in my basement. Well I purchased another clock and the new one was horrible! My wife and I couldn’t even see the numbers in the dark and then one day it just stopped working. Well it was still within the return time frame so I sent it back. So I grabbed the AcuRite 13040 from the basement (it’s…

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