Special T Imports 16 Rustic Windmill Clock

Rustic, farmhouse, country chic, whatever your style, you can enhance the look of your home and hang this giant clock on the wall! This 16.25 inch diameter clock is inspired by a classic landmark with a rustic blade to mark each hour. It’s creatively crafted of metal in a faux rust distressed finish to give it a weathered vintage vibe and the contrasting hands allow you to easily read the time. Although the blades won’t actually spin, the quartz movement will keep time spinning accurately, and it requires just 1 AA battery (not included). It’s the perfect clock to hang above the mantel, and will make a stylish statement on any wall as an eye-catching focal piece.

Product Features

  • 16.25 in. Diameter with a 1 in. Projection
  • Creatively Crafted of Metal with 12 Windmill Blades to Mark Each Hour
  • Distressed Silver-Grey Finish Works Will with Most Any Rustic Decor
  • The Quartz Movement Requires Just 1 AA Battery (not included)
  • Perfect for Your Rustic, Country or Farmhouse Inspired Home

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3 thoughts on “Special T Imports 16 Rustic Windmill Clock

  1. It looks great! Packaging was less than par – the cardboard … After several years of trying to find a set of affordable “real” windmill wings, I settled on this reproduction. It looks great! Packaging was less than par – the cardboard box was … for lack of a better term… soft. Very little tape was used and most of that had come loose – as if the adhesive had lost it’s stickiness. I was almost certain the clock would be damaged, but it was not. Excellent, beautiful, rustic windmill clock – very poor packaging. UPDATE*** 24 hours later, I…

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