Clockz 14 inch Rose Gold and Black Decorative Wall Clock, Battery operated hanging Timepiece by Silent clock for Living room, Bedroom Kitchen, Office or Study – Elegant, Industrial, Multifunctional

When Beauty and Functionality Meet
This beautiful rose-gold and black timepiece is as neat looking as it is functional. The color choices give it a retro, industrial feel, making it stand out from most boring clocks currently on the market. The colors blend nicely with pretty much any decor of any room, whether you choose to hang it in the bedroom, bathroom, garage, or guest room. Because it’s a quartz clock it is both accurate and very quiet. All it needs to operate is a AAA battery and it will last for a very long time. The large numbering is a good solution for elders who may have trouble seeing or for kids that are learning to tell time. This big, vintage wall piece meets all of the demands you could want in a clock.

A Great Gift Idea
If you are having trouble coming up with a good gift idea, look no further. Our beautiful time clock would be adored by just about anyone –man or woman, young or old. It makes for a perfect present for a wedding gift, a baby shower, a birthday, a graduation, or a housewarming party. The ideas are endless and this piece is timeless.

Product Description
Round, black face with rose gold trim, numbers, and hands
Dimensions: 14 inches in diameter, 2 inches thick
Quartz Analog and Quartz Movement
Requires (1) Triple A Battery To Operate

Product Features

  • UNIQUE TWIST ON A CLASSIC DESIGN: When we designed the Rose Gold Wall Clock, we didn’t want to create a typical black-and-white clock. You spend a lot of time creating a space of comfort, luxury, and chicness to your home. Thought goes into details like coloring and lighting, so why should your wall accessories be any different? Regardless if your decor is modern, classic, or something in between, this wall clock display adds a classic, industrial feel to any room of your house
  • CLOCKS ARE MEANT TO BE SEEN NOT HEARD: Have you ever been laying in bed, trying to go to sleep, or sitting in your living room, reading a book and you hear the constant, incessant tick-tick-tick of the hand as it passes each second? It can be pretty annoying. Our quiet clock for bedrooms and living rooms is a great alternative to the loud grandfather clocks and wall clocks that are typically distracting. Get a good nights rest with this non-ticking, analogue clock
  • PRECISION AT ITS CORE: What is the value in having a timepiece if it isn’t completely accurate? This clock uses an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. This crystal oscillator creates a signal with an incredibly precise frequency, making quartz clocks a superior and more accurate alternative to mechanical clocks. All that’s required to operate this no noise wall clock is one triple A battery.
  • GREAT FOR SENIORS AND KIDS, TOO: This 14 inch wall clock for kids and seniors is great because of its large features. The rose gold numbers and hands against the black backdrop, combined with their size, makes it very easy to read which is convenient for people with poor eyesight, seniors, and kids who need a learning clock to tell time. Because it’s so large and easy to read, as well as decorative, it’s a great clock for your children’s room, a classroom, or a senior living home
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: At Clockz, we want our customers to be as happy with our product as we are. We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating what we believe to be one of the best clocks on the market. Therefore, if you aren’t totally loving your clock or if there is any defect, we guarantee a full money refund or we will replace your product. Our customers mean everything to us

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