HAOFAY Desktop Antique Gold European Style Clock, Living Room Retro Desk Clock Bedroom Decoration Shelf Clock

â—� The resin frame emits a classical atmosphere. Suitable for bedroom, kitchen, office, kids room, studio or study.
â—� Nighttime ticking is very low, so when you need quiet and quiet hours to concentrate on work or enjoy a good night’s sleep, you don’t have to worry about constant clock ticking.
â—� Easy to use, easy to read and suitable for anyone.
Product specification:
â—� Name: clock
â—� Style: Europe / Vintage
â—� Quantity: 1
â—� Sports: Silent scanning
â—� Power Type: Battery
â—� Power: No. 5 (AA) carbon battery
â—� Only clock, excluding battery
Delivery Time 10 – 45 days.
Return range 30 days.
Please contact us if you can not receive the order after 45 days.

Product Features

  • 1. High-quality resin, old-fashioned craftsmanship, exudes neo-classical artistic beauty, revealing a refined, quaint texture
  • 2. Creativity is smooth and sleek, with metallic luster lines. It outlines sailing boats that have gone through vicissitudes but are still steady. They sail one by one and sail through the waves.
  • 3. Dimensions: 16.5 inches / 42 cm x 12.4 inches / 31.5 cm x 4.9inches / 12.5 centimeters, suitable for most night tables, desks or living rooms, creating an impression, showing an elegant appearance
  • 4. Material: Resin, Perspex, Metal
  • 5. Reminder: Use the carbon battery clock. Do not use a high-capacity alkaline or rechargeable battery. Alkaline battery power is too high and can easily lead to inaccuracies or even timeouts (excluding batteries)

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