Time Concept Metal Wall Clock – Universal – Copper – 8″

Size: Universal | Color: Copper Unlike any other clocks on the market, these gold, silver and bronze clocks express personality and individuality.Simple and stylish these steel framed clocks definitely make a statement and coordinate with any interior.Each clock may have a slightly different look depending upon lighting and when viewed from different angles, making them a must have for modern interiors. Perfect gift for the first time homeowner, wedding, or any occasion! Simple in appearance, but rich in design the Universal Wall Clock is easy to read and coordinates with any interior.

Product Features

  • METAL STEEL FRAME – Expertly made from graded metal steel that makes its overall structure premium quality. Finished with touch of elegance and high durability.
  • DECORATIVE WALL CLOCK – Inspired by a wide range of sophisticated and modern designs, its stylish round figure sets a beautiful ambience for your home.
  • VARIOUS COLORS AND STYLES – Available in different hues and designs. Pick one that matches well with your interior and expresses your personality and choices.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE – Made to be lightweight and compact, this wall clock can be easily installed or hung up without breaking a sweat. Whether at home or office, it will surely accentuate your setup.
  • BATTERY OPERATED – Battery operated and precise quartz movements require 1 AA battery (not included). Please note: Actual product size may seem smaller than the pictures shown.

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One thought on “Time Concept Metal Wall Clock – Universal – Copper – 8″

  1. OK but not great. The clock ticks This is OK, but not great. The clock ticks, which is annoying. It’s also surprisingly thick – it stands 3 5/16″ off of the wall, which is odd looking given that it’s only about 8″ wide. Speaking of the width, the stats on the site are off — it is 7 1/2″ wide at the front (the clock face) and 8 5/16″ wide at the back. The sides are sloped, which I find to be unattractive.My unit also came with a hair stuck in the clock face, but it was pretty easy to disassemble the…

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