Deco 79 Wood Table Clock, 16 by 15-Inch

15″ rustic elegance wood-style miff round scroll table clock, distressed stone gray-finish over mahogany brown miff round clock frame, carved scroll rest on tapered, beveled rectangular stone gray footed base, 1 a battery-operated clock with distressed stone gray and mahogany brown round clock face with black roman numerals, “rue de Marche” typography, hour and minute hands.

Product Features

  • Color: stone gray, mahogany brown, black
  • Finish: textured miff
  • Material: miff

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2 thoughts on “Deco 79 Wood Table Clock, 16 by 15-Inch

  1. I would give this product no starts if possible. Let me start by saying I have ordered 2 of these clocks (the original and replacement) and both were terrible. First off I noticed how light it was ( not real wood ) also there’s no glass over the face and the back looks like a 2 year old connected the battery pack with a glue gun. But I was willing to over look all those flaws until I put a battery in it and tried to set the time. The hands are too long for the clock!!! The minute hand hits the…

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