HAOFAY Vintage Retro Mantel/European Antique Quartz Clock Table Clock and Shelf Clock Decoration

â—� The resin frame exudes a classical atmosphere. Perfect for use in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, children’s rooms, workshops or dens.
â—� “Non-ticking” is very low at night, so when you need to focus on work or enjoy a full night’s sleep in a quiet and quiet time, you don’t have to worry about the constant ticking of the regular clock.
â—� Easy to use, easy to read, suitable for any people.
Product specification:
â—� Name: clock
â—� Style: European/Retro
â—� Quantity: 1
â—� Movement: silent sweeping movement
â—� Power Type: Battery
â—� Power: No. 5 (AA) carbon battery
â—� Only clock, excluding battery
Delivery Time 10 – 45 days.
Return range 30 days.
Please contact us if you can not receive the order after 45 days.

Product Features

  • 1.European retro-style table clock, both beautiful and real, is very suitable for on the entrance and the table above
  • 2. The use of high-quality anti-fog translucent glass, strong transparency, the actual appearance of the dial can be transparent and beautiful, anti-fog performance
  • 3. Dimensions: 10.5″ / 26.8cm x 13.4″ / 34cm x 9.2″ / 13.2cm, ideal for most end tables, desks or living rooms, to create an impression and show its elegant appearance
  • 4. Material: resin, acrylic, PVC
  • 5. Reminder: Do not include batteries. Use a carbon battery clock. Do not use a high-capacity alkaline or rechargeable battery. Alkaline batteries are too high, which can easily lead to inaccurate timing or even stop

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