23.6-Inch Oversized Rustic Vintage Metal Silent Non-Ticking Battery Operated Decorative Wall Clock with Large Arabic Numerals

Size:23.6 inches

Package Included:
1 x Wall Clock

1.The clock does not need to be assembled,all you have to do is to adjust the time and install one AA battery.
2.Please ensure the battery installed is correct: make the +/- pole of the battery is match for the +/- pole of the mechanism.
3.The hands are specially chosen for this clock and they are not thick ones just for keep good time,heavy hands don’t tell time accurately!Please do not forcibly bend them.
4.When the clock on the way to your home, it may encounter violent collision, resulting in damage to the mechanism, not working properly. Please don’t worry. Give us e-mail and we’ll fix it for you.

Our Product:
Each package comes with our brand logo”Old Oak”,any unauthorized sellers are illegal, and their products are fake.

Product Features

  • This iron indoor wall clock has a rusty face with an age-old feeling.Distressed retro rustic style design, handcrafted unique wall clock,great addition to living room,bedroom,fireplace,kitchen,entryway,office and home decor. Old Oak is BRAND,not the material of this wall clock.
  • Quality 12888 sweeping mechanism without tick tick,no noise.This silent wall clock keeps accurate time,operated by 1 AA CARBON ZINC battery,please don’t use ALKALINE battery(Battery Not Included).Alkaline battery is also suitable for this mechanism, but the output current of alkaline battery is too high, which will shorten the life of the mechanism.
  • Large size dial with floating copper-colored arabic numerals,black hands,easy to read time.The clock does not need to be assembled,it is easy to hang anywhere.Displayed dimensions: 23.6 x 23.6 x 1 Inch thick, weight: 4 pounds.
  • A perfect choice for christmas/Xmas gift,bridal gift,anniversary gift,mothers day gift,fathers day gift, birthday present, holiday gift etc.Share this attractive wall clock with the ones you love.
  • Because each clock is handcrafted,some numbers may be bent,and No two clocks are exactly the same.Also there are slight difference between the picture displayed and the real item caused by light brightness and different display.

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