Patton Wall Decor 18 Inch Antique Bronze Wall Clock

Patton Wall Decor 18 Inch Antique Bronze Wall Clock This classic vintage inspired wall clock coordinates with any furniture finish, from white and grey, to black and brown. The antiqued background goes perfectly with the antique numbers and rustic bronze frame finish. The 18 inch size make it a perfect fit for your office, kitchen, or entryway.

Product Features

  • This beautiful bronze 18 inch decorative clock looks great when added to almost any style décor
  • The brushed bronze finish is hand painted to the clock’s frame which matches perfectly with the antiqued roman numerals
  • Black finished clock hands coordinate with the almost cement looking background
  • Both hour and minute hands are added to keep time but not take away from the design of the clock
  • Lightweight, protective glass will keep your clock looking great for years

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3 thoughts on “Patton Wall Decor 18 Inch Antique Bronze Wall Clock

  1. Short life span I’ve bought this clock twice. The first one didn’t make it a year, but after searching for the right clock for a large kitchen wall, and sick of seeing the blank space, I reluctantly bought it again. Sure, it looks pretty but it doesn’t work. I received the clock on June 1, the return window closed on July 1 and the clock stopped telling time on July 5. I put in yet another new battery and crossed my fingers; but no luck. I’m quite frustrated as while this certainly is no Swiss timepiece, $45…

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