Large Wall Clock – 36 Inch Diameter – Rustic Grey Wooden Clock by Yankee Woodworks

Add style to your home with our 36″ rustic grey wall clock. Made from solid wood from the foothills of the Adirondacks, sawn on an old-school circular sawmill. The wood has been sanded, painted, and distressed to a smooth, textured finish. The finish process reveals layers of paint and wood underneath for a desired rustic barn wood look. The clock face features roman numerals, stencilled on using white paint, they can be easily read from a distance

Each clock is handmade so please note that your clock will vary slightly from the images, but be rest assured that it will be similar

This clock has a quality American made motor (movement) that is High Torque and specifically designed for large clocks. The motor is silent with no ticking sound and requires just 1 AA battery. Measuring 36″ round, the face will rest approximately 3/4″ from the wall, with a weight of approximately 10lbs. The back is painted to prevent warping over time and there are boards on the back, called back straps, to hold the face boards together with screws

We’ve carefully designed this clock to breakdown into 3 segments to reduce shipping costs. It only takes a Philips screw driver and 10 minutes to reassemble. Many of our customers state that it’s a breeze to do and the hanging bracket attached to the back makes it easy to hang on the wall

The clock motor comes with a 1 year guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, or have difficulties swapping it out, then please get in touch. We make to order, it takes approximately 8 working days for the paint layers to cure properly, therefore we usually ship on the tenth working day from the order date

We’ve successfully made hundreds of these clocks for customers with a return rate of <1%. Due to the size we ship to the lower 48 states and will unfortunately cancel any orders outside of this region. If in the unlikely event a return is needed, you will be responsible for the return shipping cost

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