Bulova B1848 Nordale Clock, Walnut Finish

Nordale. Solid Wood Case, Walnut Finish. Decorative Screened Glass Front And Side Panels. Two-Tone Metal Dial. Revolving Pendulum. 2.75 X .5 Engraving Plate Included. H: 11.5 W: 8.25 D: 5.

Product Features

  • Solid Wood Case
  • Walnut Finish
  • Decorative Screened Glass Front And Side Panels

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3 thoughts on “Bulova B1848 Nordale Clock, Walnut Finish

  1. Great clock I got my clock the other day and I have to say I just love it. Why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that theclock itself is plastic, BUT other than that It looks just great on my fireplace mantel. I love the etched glass on the sides and front of it. The wood casing is beautiful. It’s not a heavy clock but it is rich looking if udidnt know the clock was plastic. It keeps great time and I enjoy it very much. Would look great in any home.By the way, it does not chime. Which is…

  2. Nice clock To be honest, the clock arrived in perfect shape but the pendulum would not work. I contacted the seller who was very nice and helpful and I was able to get it to work for a while. The pendulum stopped working again a few weeks later. I will not pursue it further because it is a very nice looking clock and keeps perfect time. I am always aware that buying anything used means that it might not perform perfectly but this certainly is not the fault of the seller. I would rate the clock 4…

  3. It uses 2 batteries. It’s a pretty little clock. A bit shorter than I expected but the size fits just fine where I want it. When I first unpacked it and put the clock battery in it I was disappointed that the pendulum didn’t spin. I was also disappointed that the interior parts are plastic. I was reading the other reviews and was surprised no one else mentioned a problem with the pendulum and then I read a review that mentioned that the pendulum has a motor and sure enough I looked under the bottom and their was a…

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