Bulova C3542 Cranbrook Chiming Clock, Walnut Finish,

Cranbrook. Solid Wood And Wood Veneer Case, Old World Walnut Finish. Decorative Carved Accents. Metal Dial. Westminster Melody On The Hour. Decorative Screened Glass. H: 19� W: 9� D: 3.75�.

Product Features

  • Solid wood and wood veneer case with Old World walnut finish
  • Decorative carved accents. Decorative screened glass.
  • Metal dial features Roman numerals
  • Harmonic 2 triple-chime movement plays choice of Westminster, Ave Maria or Bim-Bam melody on the hour.
  • H: 19″ W: 9″ D: 3.75″

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2 thoughts on “Bulova C3542 Cranbrook Chiming Clock, Walnut Finish,

  1. My mother started crying. I grew up with grandmother and grandfather clocks when I was young and my family lost a lot over the years, so I bought this for my mother for Christmas and I’ve never seen such a reaction. This clock is so well crafted and the sound is absolutely amazing. The sound is very clear even mounted on the wall and there was no ridiculous hardware to hang it. I hung ours with a screw and a hammer. Very classy and brings back memories. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for something classy and…

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