Oldtown Farmhouse Metal & Solid Wood Whisper Quiet Ticking Wall Clock (Wood, 36-inch)

Only clocks sold by Oldtown Clocks is genuine Oldtown Clocks brand with brand name at back of clock and has lifetime warranty and support on clock movement. All other sellers are unauthorized.

This high quality silent completely noiseless quartz clock is made of solid natural wood with rustic dark bronze metal frame. It is a great décor solution for anyone who appreciates an rustic look and feel. No assembly required – hands fully assembled. material: metal, solid wood spruce.clock dimensions: 36 inch wall clocks, 36″D x 1″H box size: 36″L x 36″W x 2″T clock weight: 14 lbs.

Product Features

  • Rustic metal frame; Natural solid wood spruce – Due to crafted nature of this product, actual color may vary slightly due to natural wood grain variations : no two clocks will be identical. This clock is also perfect for DIYers or hobbyist : the wood can be disassembled to re-sand and re-stained to your preference color!
  • Whisper ticking movement – hardly hear any ticking noise from about 6 ft at night. 30-inch and 36-inch versions are not completely silent. We suggest getting the 24-inch version if you want to put it in your bedroom.
  • AA battery required (not included)
  • Lifetime Warranty on high quality high torque quartz movement
  • Giant Sized Wall Clock diameter: 36 inches (90cm) x 1-inch thick, 14 lbs. Caution: This is a heavy clock, 2 person may be needed to hang the clock, a screw on stud or wall anchor is needed

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3 thoughts on “Oldtown Farmhouse Metal & Solid Wood Whisper Quiet Ticking Wall Clock (Wood, 36-inch)

  1. Bases loaded, two out and the clock was at the plate…. This is a beautiful clock. I wasn’t looking for an heirloom when I purchased it, and so didn’t have the utmost expectations, but upon arrival it was cracked. I was going to return it and was offered to keep it with the blemish for a discount so I agreed (because it could conceivably look like just a natural space in the wood). But then, hung it up and the hands wren’t working. I was so disappointed because this clock really is pretty and looks amazing on my wall, and it looks richer than you…

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