Aero Snail LARGE Retro Style Vintage Royal Line Silent High-end Luxury Metal Wood Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum

Type: Wall Clock

Theme: Metal,Pastoral

Feature: Analog,Pendulum

Time Display: Analog

Style: Retro

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Materials: Wood, Metal


Dimension (inch): 32*14*3

Net Weight (lb): 6

Product Features

  • Feature:LAREGE size, Pendulum; Time Display:Analog; Materials:Wood
  • This wall clock is with a antique look. It matches vintage lights & mahogany furniture perfectly.
  • The pendulum is a Unique Feature. It swings nonstop. It is very quiet and makes no sound at all.
  • The Most important design is that there are 2 batteries: 1 is for the clock hands and 1 is for the pendulum. So if the pendulum swing makes you feel dizzy, you can take that battery out to stop the move, which is considerate to people with special needs.
  • Pendulum Not working???–>1, At the back of the clock, please turn right of the rod that connecting the pendulum, so that the rod comes out of the slot.(see image 6). 2,put TWO AA batteries: one is for the clock hands and another is for the pendulum.3, It’s better to give the Pendulum a PUSH according to the direction it moves to start the pendulum, so that the pendulum will move with the power of battery and the inertia.

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3 thoughts on “Aero Snail LARGE Retro Style Vintage Royal Line Silent High-end Luxury Metal Wood Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum

  1. Looks exactly as pictured. When installing the batteries, the pendulum bar crosses the battery compartment, so if you look closely at the bottom of the pendulum bar where you attach the actual pendulum- you’ll see in tiny letters “push” with an arrow. You unsnap the bar by pushing gently and that releases the bar and the pendulum. If you wish for the pendulum to swing, you must leave that bar unhooked so it has free range of motion. I would have given 5 stars if the counterweights were functional rather than just…

  2. Elegant and quiet, compliments any decor, with precise timing. My mom moved into an ALF and I bought this clock for her. It is quite elegant and very easy to read the dial. She has had the clock up for two weeks now and the time is still precise. The clock seems to be well made and is lightweight and easy to hang on the wall using just one mid-sized Gorilla hook. It fits in nicely with her other wood furniture. The pendulum is very quiet and the second hand is a continuous movement instead of the click for each second, which makes no sound either,…

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