LauderHome 5-Inch Vintage Retro Old Fashioned Decorative Desk Clock with Nightlight, Quartz Analog Large Numerals, Battery Operated, Loud Alarm Clock

Product Features:
Metal frame exudes the classical atmosphere. Perfect use in bedroom, kitchen,office ,children room ,workshop or study.
With the night light function, it is convenient to check the time in the dark environment.
“Non-Ticking”,a very low humm at night, so you do not need to worry about the constant ticking of regular clocks when you need some peace and quiet to concentrate on your work or enjoy a full night of undisturbed sleep. Easy to use, easy to read, perfect for kids or seniors

Type: Retro Desk Clock
Function: Alarm
Movement: Smooth Sweeping Quartz
Powered by: 1x AA battery (Not included)
Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 1.9 x 5.4 inches

Package includes:
1 x Retro Desk Clock

1. The two buttons to set time and alarm are designed that way. Please don’t mistake the special design for the sign that they’re broken or of poor quality.
2. Please use 1 AA carbon zinc battery only (alkaline battery or rechargeable battery which may have influence on the life span of clock movement, as well as the accuracy of the time).
3.There are slight difference between the picture and the real item caused by light brightness.

Product Features

  • Nightlight function: time displays clearly even in the dark.
  • The metal frame and base bring stronger resistance to impact and better texture.
  • European retro design with good practicability adds a touch of unique aesthetic charm to the modern home.
  • Non-ticking, smooth sweeping quartz movement and second hand, ensure a good sleep and best working environment.
  • 5″ Round 6″Tall 1.9″ Thickness , HD Glass Lens,The right size can be used for children as well as for adults.

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3 thoughts on “LauderHome 5-Inch Vintage Retro Old Fashioned Decorative Desk Clock with Nightlight, Quartz Analog Large Numerals, Battery Operated, Loud Alarm Clock

  1. This Does Not Keep Time – No Matter What Battery You Use! This is junk. The ads warn to use only zinc-carbon AA batteries. We tried these, plus alkaline and lithium. With any type of battery, within 48 hours, the clock becomes inaccurate, and in a week it is off by hours. Do NOT buy this clock, and be careful of other clocks that my look like the same design (aside from the printed face), as they may be from the same manufacturer and may have the same problem.I kept the clock past the return date, thinking I could find a type of battery that…

  2. Good little clock for the $ I ordered design G which has the small roses on the right hand side of the face. Its pretty and the numbers are easy to read. I’ve only had the clock 3 days and it has kept accurate time so far. However, I have to say my biggest disappointment is the color of the case. Unless I totally missed it because I looked in the description and reviews, I had assumed from the picture the case was a dark brown….like an oiled bronze. Its not. Its black so I was a little bummed. Other than that,…

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