Le’raze Elegant, Decorative,Grandfather Clock Hand Painted Wood Modern Mantel with Swinging Pendulum Shelf,Tabletop,Desk,Buffet, Color Mahogany

Isn’t it time you upgraded your home or office clocks and gave the décor a lift? How about Le’raze grandfather-style tablel clock? Complete with a working pendulum, our antiquated cast polyresin offer brings you intricate traditional looks, quality modern components, all at an affordable price that can only be considered contemporary. Design appointments include hand detailing, rhinestone inlays, traditional hour and minute hands, gold-colored seconds hand, and a textured faceplate. While these are all skillfully aged pieces to achieve a beautiful time-honored look, everything underneath is modern and advanced. The clock’s movement is driven by a precise quartz, which is powered by a single AA battery (not included). Access to the battery compartment is on the back of the unit so that it remains hidden from view once hung on the wall. Even the pendulum has its own carved look, complete with an inset clear rhinestone. The clock’s normal timekeeping motions gently propel the pendulum back and forth without depleting the battery faster than necessary.

Product Features

  • Traditional mantel clock with pendulum, Color Mahogany, Gold
  • Manufactured To The Highest Quality Available. Quartz, battery operated movement
  • Dimensions: 15inch high 10inch wide 4inch deep 4.2 round clock face
  • It Makes A Great Gift For Someone Special.
  • Fabulous Antique Design Ornamental dial with applied numerals

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