Barnwood Tan Wall Clock, Available in 8 Sizes, Most Sizes Ship 2-3 Days,

This brown barn wood clock has a charming, rustic feel with its warm brown background. Our clock faces are printed on a solid piece of MDF-they look beautiful. It comes in multiple sizes: (10?, 12?, 15?, 18?, 24?, 30?, 36?, 48?). Our clocks are PRINTED on a SOLID piece (not multiple pieces) of 1/2 ” MDF wood. The ink is engineered to retain its bright, crisp colors for a long time. If you are having problems with your mechanism, you don’t have to send the entire clock back.  We replace the mechanism not the entire clock. After 1 year we will only charge shipping and handling for the replacement.

Product Features

  • LIFETIME  WARRANTY.  We will replace your mechanism (not the entire clock) for as long as you own it. Mechanisms are tested before mailing, however, if it is damaged in shipping we will mail you a replacement. Some assembly is required to replace the mechanism. Our contact info is on clock back. (The warranty is through us not Amazon).
  • SILENT QUARTZ MECHANISMS! Our clocks are very quiet. No annoying ticking!! Our clocks sit flat against the wall and do not wobble. The mechanisms are as recessed as possible, which makes for a nicely finished product.
  • HANDMADE IN AMERICA BEAUTIFUL **PRINTED** FACE ON SOLID PIECE of 1/2″ MDF WOOD PRODUCT. The face is NOT a sticker. It is printed directly on the wood. Our clocks feel solid because of the thicker mdf wood. Our edges are nicely rounded. It takes us just a few days to make your clock. We are usually much faster than is listed.
  • HANDS VARY DEPENDING ON CLOCK SIZE & AVAILABILITY. We try to offer the hands shown, but the larger and smaller hand styles vary slightly.
  • OPEN FACED-NO GLASS NO GLARE! Easy to read from all angles.

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3 thoughts on “Barnwood Tan Wall Clock, Available in 8 Sizes, Most Sizes Ship 2-3 Days,

  1. Looks great, works great. It’s a keeper! After buying & returning 2 identical clocks from a popular home decor chain store because they wouldn’t keep time, I broke down and spent 3x as much on Amazon to get this perfectly rustic, attractive, sturdy and WORKING wall clock for our sons’ bathroom. Exactly what I envisioned! Since 2 boys use that shower every day, I decided the way this one is made, it would hold up the best to frequent high humidity. So far so good. In the pictures it appears to be real rustic textured wood & grooves on…

  2. Delighted With Purchase I am delighted with my purchase of a 12″ clock. It arrived sooner than I expected in a box clearly labeled “fragile.” This prompted me open the well-constructed package with extra care and meticulously follow the enclosed instructions for set-up. This clock has no crystal protecting the face and hands, so I held it upright while I inserted a AA battery in the space on the back and turned the dial to set the time. I hung it on my kitchen wall and surrounded it with sketches of red…

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