Hicarer DIY Large Clock Hands 3D Wall Clock for Kitchen Office and Home Art Decor Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism Accessories

DIY large clock hands 3d wall clock for kitchen office and home art decor quartz clock movement mechanism accessories

The clock design is simple and easy to assemble together; The black metal hands can be painted with any color to match your clock.

Material: plastic and aluminum
Power: 1 x 1.5 V AA battery (not included)

Clock cover: 85 mm (3.3 inches)
Movement size: approx. 55 x 55 x 16 mm (2.2 x 2.2 x 0.65 inch)
Total hour hand length: approx. 216 mm (8.5 inches)
Total minute hand length: approx. 385 mm (15.2 inches)
Second cap size: approx. 7 mm (0.3 inch)

Package includes:
1 x Clock cover
1 x Quartz clock movement
1 x Second cap
1 x Minute hand
1 x Minute nut
1 x Hour hand
1 x Plastic washer
1 x Brass washer
1 x Brass nut
3 x Screws

Product Features

  • Size: you can apply the clock movement kit to DIY a wall clock, and its mini size is approx. 70 cm/ 30 inch
  • Material: the clock pointer is made of aluminum, please do not use too much pressure to avoid bending
  • Center of hole hand size: the hour hand is approx. 203 mm/ 8.0 inches long; The minute hand is about 305 mm/ 12 inches in length; Second cap: approx. 7 mm/ 0.3 inch,please check the size before purchase
  • Home decoration: you can DIY a simple clock as wonderful decoration, then hang and stick it on the wall in bedroom, kitchen, living room or office
  • Kindly reminder: there is only one minute hand and one hour hand; After putting battery in, you must spend 5 minutes to test the clock move or not; Powered by 1 x 1.5 V AA battery (not included)

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3 thoughts on “Hicarer DIY Large Clock Hands 3D Wall Clock for Kitchen Office and Home Art Decor Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism Accessories

  1. alas…too good to be accurate After about 40 Days it has become wildly inaccurate, speeding up and then slowing down. Changed batteries and it does the same thing. I have other quartz clocks that are very accurate but this one is not. I think the hands are too big for the small electrical motor to push correctly and it speeds up when the hour hands are descending and slows down from 6 to midnight position. Got me on the price and you do get what you pay for unfortunately. Really, what good is a wall clock that doesn’t…

  2. Just too big for what I needed. I returned this item because it was not just large, it was HUGE. For some reason, when I read the description, I assumed they were over all measurements. We purchased this for a school project and had specific project parameters to follow so as soon as I saw it I knew it wouldn’t work. I didn’t actually try to use it or install it on a clock face but I gave it the four stars because I felt like it was not completely clear just how big the pieces actually are. It did seem to be good quality but…

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