Automaton Bite Wall Clock Metal Jacket, Handcrafted Clock Steampunk, Rustic Design and Mechanical Gears, Wooden Home Decor for Kitchen, Living Room and Office, Personalized Custom Decorative Art

Why settle for a plain-looking wall clock that never gets to be looked twice?

Every household has a wall clock. It’s an essential part of any home that lets you and your family track time with just a single glance. Having a wall clock makes it easier to keep everything in check when leaving your home or while you’re inside doing your chores.

However, there’s more than a wall clock’s functionality. Regardless of how helpful it is, what good will it do if it ruins your home interior’s aesthetic. Despite having a small build, it’s the one who can turn everyone’s eyes to its direction-including your guests.

It’s about time you replaced your dull and dreary wall clock with WOODANDROOT’s Automaton Bite Wall Clock!

As the age-old saying goes: never settle for less. Same applies for wall clocks. If they’re not built to last or lack the certain flair you deem worthy for your household, then a replacement is long-overdue.

Our kinetic wall art clocks are handcrafted and carefully constructed using high-quality Baltic birch wood. The gears, cogs and the clock’s structure are all made by hand and were airbrushed using acrylic paint. The clock’s appearance was inspired by a tattoo in steampunk style as testified by its multiple layers and detailed engraving.

Still not convinced? Here are more features to help you make a decision:

👍 We used stainless steel and copper screws for exceptional toughness and resistance to mechanical damage

👍 The hand movement is amplified with the rotation of 4 main gears powered by AA batteries.

👍 The mirror on the background adds volume and intensifies the hand’s movement

👍 You may personalize your 36×34 cm automaton clock with a short text engraving

Now’s your chance to adorn your room with a wall clock that only few can have! Add WOODANDROOT’s AUTOMATON Bite Wall Clock to your Cart NOW!

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