Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

With its classic style, the Seiko Wall Clock is the perfect addition to your home or office. Built with a dark-brown solid oak frame with a wood-grain pattern, this round wall clock has a traditional homey feel. Framed by a durable glass crystal, the white clock face is easy to read, with black hands, Arabic numerals hour markers, and minute markers on the outer dial — as well as a quietly sweeping gold-tone second hand. It comes with one AA battery.

Product Features

  • Quartz movement
  • Includes One AA Battery
  • 13-Inch Diameter
  • If your clock has the second hand,slide the switch to “START”. The hands starts moving.Then slide the switch to “STOP” when the second hand is at 12 o’ clock position.The second hand stops on the spot.
  • Turn the hand setting knob by catching its protrusions with fingers, and set the hour and minutes hand with the desired time. The hand setting knob turns both clockwise and counterclockwise.When turning the hand counter clockwise,turn back the minute hand by more than 45 Minutes from the desired time and then advance it to the correct time.
  • Slide the watch completely to “START” in accordance with a time signal to start the clock.

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2 thoughts on “Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

  1. sweeping, non-working clock The second hand really sweeps nicely and the clock looks great.The problem is… this is not a clock – a time measuring device. It is just a beautiful thing with sweeping single hand. ALL OTHER HANDS DO NOT MOVE. Please watch the video.I love Seiko brand, but this clock is a piece of junk. It also has non-Japanese movement which would not be a problem by itself, but it can explain the obviously existing issue.Maybe you…

  2. Wanted to love it, but… After looking for months for a nice wall clock that was also quiet, I thought I had found the perfect clock. Yes, I did read all of the other reviews about it eventually starting to make noise. I had hoped Seiko had corrected the problem, but they didn’t. As soon as I put the battery in and hung it up, it made a soft scraping-like noise when the second hand reached the number 4 until about the number 7, and then it was perfectly quiet again. The noise was not enough to make it want to send it…

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