Classic Oak Rustic Farmhouse Wall Clock, Wood-Simulated Vintage Bronze, Complete Quite Non-Ticking Silent Sweep Quartz Movement, Antique Style, 12.6 inch. Diameter, Plastic Frame, ABS Glass Front

[Combination of Style & Technicality] The Classic Oak Wall Clock utilizes modern technology to perfect the use and convenience. We strive to make the clock quite and light, yet not sacrificing the aesthetic perspective ,and provide the classic vintage look. The main body of the clock is composed of plastic; therefore, the weight of the clock is very light compared to solid wood. Due to the light weight, you can have the freedom to hang this clock anywhere you desire at ease without the limitation of weight. The surface of the clocks all gone through special treatments that they look virtually like the texture of wood with a hint of Metallic Bronze. The Wood Simulated look truly brings the Vintage Style back to life. The Rustic Country style reminds us the good old days when we gather around the fireplace listening to the sound of cracking firewoods and tasting the hot tea. The Retro Antique Design makes the Wall Clock a perfect piece of art to accommodate any kind of decorative needs. The sophisticated look and texture can vividly add so much warmth and character to your room and make the space elegant and complete. Besides, our advanced mechanical technology makes the movement of our clocks noiseless. There will be no troublesome ticking sound coming from this clock so that you can embrace your quite moment even if you place this clock in your bedroom or study. Please join us on the journey back to the classic western european era, and admire the beauty of this extraordinary timekeeper. [Instructions & Precautions] Use 1 AA (1.5V) battery. Confirm the positive+ and Negative- polar direction when loading new batteries. Please turn the time adjustment knob to correct time. Do not use finger dial the hands. Organic solvent chemicals are not recommended to clean the clock body. Only use neutral detergent or water for cleaning.

Product Features

  • Dimension: Diameter 12.6″, Thickness approximately 1.6″. Easy-to-see big ABS glass front
  • Advanced Non Ticking Complete Silent Sweep Quartz movement. Requires 1 AA batteries (not included).
  • Plastic Main Structure. Wooden Bronze Simulated Texture with Metallic Brushed Paint Surface, Quality lasting Time piece.
  • Rustic Vintage Style. Classic Retro Antique Look. The sophisticated appearance Makes it suitable for living room, study area or office space.
  • Western European design with big bold arabic numbers. Light weight and easily hung using the circular slot behind.

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