ShuaXin 16 Inch Primitive Country Rustic Rooster Clock Quartz Movement Silent Non-Ticking Wooden Wall Clocks for Kitchen Study Office Room Decorations (R05)

Thickness:0.35 inches(about 9mm)
Material:environmental-friendly firm wooden MDF,nondeformable by moisture,and covered by colorful paper drawing.
Power Type:1 AA Carbon Zinc or Heavy Duty battery(not included)
Movement Machine:high-quality silent quartz movement
Package Includes:
1 x wall clock
1 x hook
1 x specification

Why to Buy
1.This vintage style wall clock,with practicability and classical beauty combination,greatly adds charm to your room decoration.
2.Taiwan SUN 12888 scanning quartz movement is adopted to ensure the quietness and time accuracy of the clock.Freeing from annoying ticking sounds provides you a comfortable sleeping and working environment.
3.This wall clock has large and legible numerals, which ensures you to read the time easily and clearly from different angles.
4.Strict production process and high-quality materials ensure the good quality of this wall clock.

What to Attention
1.This wall clock should be powered by 1 AA Carbon Zinc or Heavy Duty battery(not included), instead of Alkaline battery which will badly affect the clock movement.
2.Battery is limited by international transport,so it is not included in the package.
3.There is a detailed specification in the package.Please read it carefully before using this wall clock.
4.Due to long transportation,clock hands maybe touch with each other.So sometimes the clock may not work well because of the wrong place of the hands.Please try to reinstall clock hands according to the specification.
5.This wall clock is unframed,and there is no glass face as the cover.
6.There may be a slight difference between the picture and the real item because of different camera lens and light brightness.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:If,for any reason,you are not completely satisfied with your purchase,please contact us for a full refund.

Product Features

  • ✅HIGH-QUALITY QUARTZ MOVEMENTS:Using high-quality Taiwan SUN 12888 scanning quartz movement can not only keep the clock silent without annoying ticking sound,but also guarantee more smooth turning of clock hands,thus ensuring accurate time and a longer working life of the clock.
  • ✅VINTAGE DESIGN STYLE:This wooden wall clock with elegant and vintage design style and delicate drawing is absolutely a good choice to decorate your home or office.
  • ✅HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS:Wooden MDF(not solid wood)with a thickness of 0.35 inches(about 9mm).No frame,no glass cover.Covered by colorful paper drawing with precise processing,together with a layer of wood veneer on the back side to ensure better quality of the clock.
  • ✅EASY AND FIRM TO INSTALL:We provide a matched hook in the package,so you only need a hammer to simply drive the nail into the wall.Then hang this clock onto the hook by hanging hole on the back.The load-bearing capacity for the hook is good enough to hang the clock firmly on the wall.
  • ✅EASY TO READ:The legible minute dial and large black Arabic numerals form a big color difference with the background color,which makes it easy to read the time from different angles in the room or from the adjacent room,and it can also help children to learn time.It is especially a perfect gift to old people or any person with poor sight.

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