Seiko Traditional Elegance Mantel Clock with Pendulum and Chime

Antique, hand-rubbed medium-brown alder wood case with carved flourishes and gold leaf accents. It has an ornate metal dial has filigree vine pattern and applied numerals as well as ornate brass pendulum. Each quarter-hour you will hear the Westminster/Whittington chimes. The volume is easily controlled, and it has the option to be silenced during the night.The striking Seiko Mantel Chime is designed with a hand-rubbed rich brown alderwood case showcasing intricately carved flourishes for an authentic old-world appearance. Perfect for the home or office, this charming timepiece includes gold-leaf column accents, solid wood legs, and a strong glass window. The lovely metal dial includes black vine-pattern filigree offsetting the golden Roman numeral hour markers. The clock also includes a sunray brass pendulum. The clock offers both Westminster and Whittington quarter hour chimes with hourly strikes. It also includes a volume control feature and nighttime chime silencer.

Product Features

  • Alderwood case
  • Dual chimes, quarter hour chime, hourly strikes follow the hourly chime, automatic chime silencer and volume control
  • Aluminum dial and 3D numerals
  • Powered by 1 C battery (included)
  • Overall dimensions: 13 X 9.25 X 4.25

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3 thoughts on “Seiko Traditional Elegance Mantel Clock with Pendulum and Chime

  1. Tips This is a beautiful clock. Nice wood decoration on the case. And even the chimes are very authentic – very comparable to grandfather and larger wall clocks with which you are probably familiar. The tone is rich and has a good amount of harmonics and bass/treble authenticity to much bigger clocks. It keeps time very well, also. And it is under $200! I only rate it 4 stars because it is not a $5,000 clock that does it all even better. But trust me, this is a great value. Perfectly good…

  2. I love this clock and have owned it for 4 years … I love this clock and have owned it for 4 years now. I finally found a small version of my Grandfather’s enormous grandfather clock with a Westminster chime that chimed every 15 minutes. This one is battery operated and I think I’ve only changed the battery twice. The chime is clear and there are two chime options, Westminster or Whittington. You can set it to chime 24 or 17.25 hours a day, The volume is adjustable, which is one of the best features. I set it low enough so as not to wake me…

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