Bulova B1929 Annette II Chiming Clock, Mahogany

Annette II Formed Wood Case, Mahogany Finish. Westminster Melody On The Hour. Polished Gold Finish Bezel. Metal Dial With Gold Metallic Accents. 4 X .75 Engraving Plate Included. H: 7 W: 14.25 D: 3.75.

Product Features

  • Mahogany Finish
  • Westminster Melody On The Hour
  • Polished Gold Finish Bezel

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2 thoughts on “Bulova B1929 Annette II Chiming Clock, Mahogany

  1. A very nice clock ! This is a very nice solid wood clock it’s definitely worth the money. The chime is Ok it’s not really loud a little ‘tinny’ sounding but overall not bad. I read the instructions enclosed with the clock and inserted the battery but was disappointed to find that the chime did not work. So I contacted Amazon to start the return process. The next day I began browsing for a replacement and as always read reviews from other customers. I decided to take another look at the clock and discovered a…

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