Deco 79 Metal Floor Clock, 11 by 53-Inch

Stay ahead of time with this tempting creation of efficient floor clock. Etched from the best grade aluminum and assorted material such as brass, iron, stainless steel, PVC and glass, this decorative artifact effectively manages your time. Measuring 11 inches in width and length plus 53 inches in height, this functional piece of clock looks fabulous as both home and office decor. Designed with a 1 AA battery unit electronic mechanism, this exclusive timer bestows an alluring appeal and trouble free operation. Handy as well as durable, this precious timepiece comes with a robust frame that stands sturdy on the floor. Imprinted with giant digits and studded with an artistic dial, this valuable handiwork serves as a greatest gift for students as well as working professionals

Product Features

  • Suitable to use as a decorative item
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use
  • This product is manufactured in India

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One thought on “Deco 79 Metal Floor Clock, 11 by 53-Inch

  1. Good piece for the price. This clock is very attractive from a distance. Upon closer inspection though, it is definitely made with less than high quality materials, and the workmanship is right on par with it’s price point.Make no mistake I do like the clock for the price that we paid. We think it looks good in the space, but if It were going to be a focal piece that got rigorous inspection from guests I would probably have paid additional money for a high end piece.The clock itself is a very…

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