Bulova B7467 Hardwick Clock, Walnut Brown

Solid Wood And Wood Veneer Case, Walnut Finish. Decorative Screened Glass. Brass-Finish Metal Pendulum. 3 X .5 Engraving Plate Included. H: 10 W: 7 D: 3.25.

Product Features

  • Walnut Finish
  • Decorative Screened Glass
  • Brass-Finish Metal Pendulum

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3 thoughts on “Bulova B7467 Hardwick Clock, Walnut Brown

  1. Handsome clock for the $$ I bought this clock for my wife as a gift, and she loves it. It’s a good looking clock, and the inclusion of the engraving plate is good (but it’d be better if the cost of engraving was included . . .). My only dislike is that the pendulum goes back and forth at what seems to be an unnaturally fast speed because it is not attached to the actual mechanisms of the clock. If you’ve never had a non-battery powered clock in your house before, though, you probably would not notice this…

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