Seiko 9″ Brown Wooden Case with Chime Mantel Clock

Intricately designed, this clock features a handsome brown wooden case, and white dial behind a crystal glass cover. It features a Westminster/Whittington quarter-hour chime and hourly strikes. So you can sleep well, it also offers a nighttime chime silencer.Perfect for the office or the bedside, the Seiko Mantel Chime Clock’s delicate chimes offer a soothing reminder of the passing time, while its nighttime-chime silence function provides a more restful environment. Constructed with a wooden case featuring a rich brown finish, this clock includes a metal bezel, durable metal feet, and a glass crystal. The crisp white dial showcases black Arabic hour markers and matching watch hands. The timepiece’s dual-chime feature offers a selection of Westminster and Whittington quarter-hour chimes, along with an hour count. In addition, the clock includes a volume control to adjust chime volume.

Product Features

  • Top arched dark brown wooden finish
  • Dual chimes, quarter hour chime, hourly strikes follow the hourly chime, automatic chime silencer and volume control
  • Golden ornate accents, ornamental dial and applied numerals
  • Powered by 1 AA battery (included)
  • Overall dimensions: 8.5 X 8 X 3.75

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2 thoughts on “Seiko 9″ Brown Wooden Case with Chime Mantel Clock

  1. May I say OMG??? I lost a long familiar friend from the 50s, a Revere chiming clock. Oh how the chimes were a comfort to me. It died one day. Took it for repair. VERY expensive. I went straight to Amazon and now I am back in sync with quarterly chimes. Oh do I love it. This clock, at a very reasonable price, is the closest thing to the sounds of my electric Revere clock. EASY to set up. I didn’t need to do a thing but set the time and choose the chime I wanted. It chimes every 15 minutes, just what I wanted. I…

  2. Excellent design, looks good, and works great. Great looking clock, easy to read at a distance, and the chimes are enjoyable as well.Here are some thoughts about the clock:1. The Amazon site states that the clock uses a AA battery but it comes with a “C” battery which fits the battery compartment perfectly.2. Some reviewers have complained that the 2 raised pieces on the front of the clock look like they are made of burl wood in the picture but look like plain wood when viewing the clock in…

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