IMAX Large Wall Clock with Pendulum

IMAX Large Wall Clock with Pendulum. A favorite decorative accessory. A decorative and unique accessory. A decorative and unique accessory.

Product Features

  • Wooden clock
  • Decorative accessory
  • Traditional

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2 thoughts on “IMAX Large Wall Clock with Pendulum

  1. Does the trick. I was looking for a wall clock just like this for a couple months in retail outlets and on line. I didn’t want to pay a lot for a clock and at first past this one by because of a review from another customer. Their gripe was it looked like a printed graphic. Well at the price that is exactly what it is. I thought about it and at that price if it looks decent, fits in the space I need it for and keeps time accurate, what do you want for that price? So I purchased it. It keeps great time and…

  2. Gorgeous and Quiet!! I was leery about ordering this at first because someone said it was loud and many people said that it didn’t keep time very well. I initially found this clock in a store in my town, but even though the pendulum would swing perfectly, the hands wouldn’t move. I thought for sure that the rigors of shipping would damage it since the clock isn’t super-high quality. However, I was careful with it when it came and I carefully inserted a battery in it. It worked perfectly! I hung it up and it looks…

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